Tea strainer – ideal tea preparation with one tea strainer

Tea strainer

Tea strainer and tea infuser for the plastic-free brewing of loose tea leaves

Never again tea bags: For these reasons, the tea strainer is ideal for making tea

Hmm, it’s time for a cup of tea! But during the preparation the spirits are divided. Some love their tea bags, others only put loose tea leaves, spices or fruits into their cups. Tea bags are practical, but they have some disadvantages: you cannot make your own tea blend, the quality of the tea varieties is usually lower than with loose varieties and a lot more rubbish is produced during preparation. Although there are hardly any tea bags with a problematic metal clip left, many people still see avoidable garbage in the remaining materials. But no one can just put loose tea in the cup and pour hot water over it. Possible solutions are the reusable tea strainer, the tea egg or an infuser in suitable bottles.

Your advantages when using a stainless steel tea strainer and other tea strainers

Your two biggest tea strainer advantages are the reusability and the possibility to assemble loose tea in the tea strainer at will. There is hardly any waste when preparing tea through the tea strainer. If you brew tea from your own garden or buy it without packaging, you will not even need any packaging waste. So you can enjoy your melissa or jasmine tea sustainably thanks to the ecological tea strainer. What is the difference between tea infuser, tea infuser and tea infuser? The tea strainer is open at the top, but you can also bring a lid. Its handle or rim is placed stably on the edge of the cup. The tea egg encloses the loose tea from all sides and is completely immersed in the hot water. An infuser is a tea strainer that remains in the water so that the contents can release flavours permanently. The Infuser is therefore preferably suitable for fruit and iced teas, which cannot become bitter.

Sustainable tea strainer: Fill your teapot with stainless steel, silicone and bamboo

A tea strainer can be made of different materials: The stainless steel tea strainer is very popular. Such a model accompanies you with some care your whole life, furthermore it looks very elegant. Some tea strainers are made of silicone instead. The products impress with their cheerful, colourful appearance and unusual shapes. Just like stainless steel, silicone is easy to clean. Many tea strainer models made of silicone are BPA-free. The original pieces of jewellery surprise at the Teatime or as a gift for friends. If you do not like both materials, you should use bamboo sieves. These are fully compostable.

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Tea strainer